By Kabelo Mollo

This past weekend I was once again honoured to judge the Miss Lesotho pageant. The eventual winner(s) did exceptionally well and will be fine ambassadors for this once great kingdom. The three ladies who finished top were wonderfully poised, elegant and articulate. I look forward to seeing them make a mark on the world stage.

The following day I was humbled as I made a presentation to “Tataise Male empowerment” group. What Adv. Mothepa Ndumo is doing with those future leaders is very commendable indeed. We had a wonderful interaction and it dawned on me right then that I have truly got on in years. If I find myself mentoring young people, then I suppose the suggestion is that I am no longer a young person. Woe is me!

This weekend, however, we kick in to overdrive as Sky Alpha HD and Cuban Linx host the first activation party for the Sky Music Awards! We are super excited about the party, but even more so the award show. My mentor in media and principal at Sky Alpha HD, Dallas Tee has put his whole heart and soul in to this project. We actually started working on it pre pandemic but then everything was turned upside down in March 2020 and we weren’t sure whether to come or go. We were adamant that such an undertaking couldn’t happen virtually so we shelved the idea for a while as we hoped that one day, things would return to “normal”. And So, here we are!


Our primary focus with these awards is to take Lesotho to the world. We want to introduce the talent Lesotho has (and it is abundant) to a world that until now has only ever heard bits and pieces about “the tiny” or “troubled” or worse yet “poor” kingdom enveloped by South Africa. We wish to rewrite that narrative and hone in on a “dynamic” or “powerful nation teeming with talent”. Our talent is matched only by our nation’s beauty. We want that front and centre on all our listeners minds. Remembering of course that the nature of our platform is global. We have very good following in the US, UK, Russia and many countries across the length and breath of this beautiful continent that is Africa!

We have a number of categories that will hopefully see the artists in each category given the recognition they so richly deserve. The arts in Lesotho have not offered any great reward for as long as I have been alive. To be a talented creative born in Lesotho must feel like a curse. Knowing that you can produce world class work, but also knowing you will be paid a pittance if anything at all and that your infamy will be within the creative circle and not much further has to be heart wrenching. We are attempting to change that. We want to offer our winners a healthy cash prize. Of course this will rely on cooperation with sponsors and partners and I think if we are smart we will look beyond the borders. Our platform lends it’s self to such. Once we get partners and sponsors that can see our vision then we can really cook.  Basotho artists deserve their place in the sun!

The Sky Music Awards are scheduled for the 25th of March. It will be a glitzy event with lots of locally styled glamour hopefully. We will do our absolute best to ensure that the production is of top quality and is aesthetically pleasing. We don’t want to copy any Other award show out there but we will try and follow the examples of successful awards shows and productions that exist. This is uniquely ours though and we want that authenticity to shine through. Dallas Tee is a perfectionist and has a great eye for what works. Our partners at Cuban Linx know all about events and eventing. I feel like we have a winning team.

The Skyma activation party is this Saturday 10 September at Cuban Linx. I hope many of us will congregate there for a good time and to get to grips with the award show concept in full. The dress code implores you to “wear local”. Whether that’s a Seshoeshoe print or the multiple local urban fashion designs available.  I look forward to seeing you all there resplendent in Joachim, City Kings, Bonono, FMCK, Basutoland Ink and many other labels.

Till the weekend…