Boima – a servant of Famo


By Neo Kolane

Forty-six-year old, Lempe Leteketa is a Famo artist who makes his living of what he does best, which is singing in his native language.

Leteketa, who hails from Tajane in the Mafeteng district, says he sustains himself by singing and selling his CD’s in town.

‘Boima’, as his known, told theReporter that he sells CD’s in Maseru town in order to avoid getting caught up in undesirable activities like violence, and also to make ends meet.

Known for his hit songs, ‘U mpheta ka borui, ke u feta ka bofutsana ba ka’ and ‘Mosali enoa o batla kopano’, Boima started singing in 1998 but started recording his songs in 2001.

“I used to sing choral music in my home village but soon realized that I had a passion for the accordion, like my uncle.

To date, Leteketa has recorded and released seven albums, and prides himself on the fact that in his entire singing careers, he has never been involved in any Famo gang fight. He, as such, pleads to fellow artists to steer clear of such uncalled for turf wars.

“I recall that I was once injured in 2012 when local artists were clearing pirate CDs from the streets where they were sold by vendors. They fought back. My accordion was destroyed and up to this today, I have not had it replaced. I also got injured and ended up in hospital,” said the husband of two wives and father of four children.


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