Tṧoana strives for media ombudsman

Misa chairperson who represents the media in the NRA Nkoale Tṧoana

By Neo Kolane

The Nationals Reforms Authority (NRA) is at loggerheads with the Media Institute of Southern Africa Lesotho chapter over the establishment of a media ombudsman.

Thee mulled media ombudsman is set to promote accurate and transparent news reporting in an environment that fosters trust with the general public.

MISA Lesotho provided journalists with a report on the NRA committee’s progress on media reforms yesterday.


Misa chairperson who represents the media in the NRA, Nkoale Tṧoana ,said the report is meant to show major strides that have been made by  the authority.

Among other developments, he said NRA has said an establishment of the media ombudsman office has hit a brick wall.

Tṧoana revealed that “there is someone from the NRA committee who is trying by all means for media in Lesotho not to have an ombudsman.”

He explained the importance of the ombudsman is very vital especially during this time when Lesotho is approaching the national elections.

“Having a media ombudsman can help media outlets avoid lengthy and costly litigations involving false reporting and claims of defamation.

“It is not a secret that many a time’s journalists flee the country for safety reasons,” Tṧoana said.

He urged the media practitioners to be all eyes and ears when it comes to whoever does not want to see media ombudsman being established.

Tṧoana said MISA was set to drive for the formation of the media ombudsman office adding he was prepared to sacrifice his life for it.